Management & Sales Staff

Owners and Principals of Smith Analytical, LLC

The Owners and Principals of Smith Analytical possess over one hundred and thirty years of combined experience in the field of process analytical instrumentation.  The Principals of Smith Analytical have handled over $125M in process analyzer projects. Our staff takes great pride in providing our Clients with an exceptional experience.

Steve Smith – Owner, Consultant and Sr. Instructor

Thirty-eight years working in the field of analytical instrumentation in a variety of positions. Of this time, twenty years handling day to day operations for three different analyzer organizations Steve has owned or held ownership interest in. Steve is the founder of Advanced Analytical Solutions, LLC (1993-1997) and most recently Smith Analytical, LLC (2012 – Current). Prior to the sale of Process Analytical Applications, Inc. (PAAI) to Cameron in 2008, Steve had ownership interest in PAAI. Steve had been directly involved in handling over $125M USD in analytical projects, in addition to twenty-five years of experience teaching analytical instrumentation courses at the college level and to Clients all over the world. Steve can be reached at

(281) 667-6463 or

Annie Crabtree-Smith – Owner and Sales Manager

Twenty years of technical and sales experience working in the oil, gas, chemical and refining sector supporting process analytical equipment sales. Annie is the former Owner of Alliance Business Services (1997-2003), Process Analytical Sales (2007-2008) and was one of the Owners of Process Analytical Applications, Inc (PAAI). After the sale of PAAI to Cameron, Annie served at the Sales Manager first for Cameron Process Analytics and then Horiba Instruments Incorporated. Annie can be reached at

(832) 275-5298 or

Justin Smith – Technical Services Manager

Associates degree in Chemistry and Business Management. Ten years of experience working with process analyzers, sample systems and the ancillary equipment for these systems in both chemical plant and refinery settings. Proficient in numerous types of analytical equipment including; ABB Magnos and UrasAmetek 900,910,921 Sulfur Analyzer Ametek WDG IV, Applied Automation Gas Chromatographs Siemens Maxum I and II, Thermo ccientific SOLA I and II Rosemount Oxymitter 4000, Rosemount pH, ORP, DO, and Conductivity, GE, Panametrics hydrogen, oxygen, and moisture, Horiba, Enda 7000, Yokogawa Gas Chromatographs, Sick Maihak GM 31,32, 35, Flow Sic systems, Mettler Toledo, and Optical Scientific flow meters. Well versed in analytical software and Data acquisition software including Maxum EZchrom, Portal and system manager, APC, Aspen and PI trending software, Vivicom Data acquisition systems Works daily with EPA regulations regarding CEMS analyzers, downtime and uptime.

Justin can be reached at (918) 706-8518 or

Les Howe – Analyzer Specialist / Project Manager

Texas A&M University Institute of Electronic Science. Dedicated Project Manager, Engineer, Analyzer Specialist with excellent technical, analytical and communication skills demonstrated by 37 years of experience. Project Manager/Engineer: Responsible for the engineering, design and construction of complete analyzer shelter systems including analyzer selection sample system design, electrical, DCS terminations, and well as all safety systems per customer specifications. Analytical Skills: Experience in troubleshooting, repair and the applicating of gas chromatographs. All Siemens Maxum/Applied Automation equipment, including and Modbus communications. Sample system design and applications. Extensive knowledge of physical properties. Sample system phase envelops and lag times. Electrical Skills: Trouble shooting and repair of electrical equipment including motor starters 480V, 4160V and 13.2 KV. Replaced bearings in motors up to 200 HP. Includes the racking in and out of 4160 and 13.2 KV switchgear. Equipment controlled by Allen Bradly PLCs.

Les can be reached at

Bryan Pfleger – Field Installation Services Manager

Twenty-two years of experience working in the hydrocarbon processing industry. Experienced in all aspects of analytical systems field installation. 

Bryan can be reached at

Char Galvan – Account Manager

Associates degree in Business Management. Over ten years of experience working directly with customers in a demanding environment. As one of our Account Managers, responsible for providing our Clients with an exceptional experience selecting the correct products or services Smith Analytical has to offer.

Char can be reached at (713) 858-5771 or

Sharon Denney – Account Manager

BS in Finance and Marketing (OSU), BS in Nursing (UT) and currently pursuing an MS in Nursing at the University of Texas. Formerly worked for Baker-Hughes. As one of our Account Managers, responsible for providing our Clients with an exceptional experience selecting the correct products or services Smith Analytical has to offer.

Sharon can be reached at (918) 261-0789 or

Bob Scraper – Sr. Instructor / Analyzer Specialist

Over thirty years of experience working in the petro-chemical industry for many of the major companies in the US and abroad. Experience includes online Gas Chromatographs, continuous type analyzers and process sample systems. Especially skilled at training technicians in the use of sample systems, Siemens/AAI GCs, ABB GCs, Yokogawa GCs and Rosemount/Daniels analyzers.