Siemens Maxum GC Model 1421 TCD Simulator


For Users of the Siemens Maxum II®, troubleshooting issues with the Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) can present a number of technical challenges for theindividual troubleshooting the equipment.

Noise on the TCD may be caused by dirty carrier, leaking sample valve, contaminated column, faulty beads, oven temperature issue, faulty feed through module, faulty EPC, detector interface module, power supply, etc.

The Model 1421-SM2 TCD Simulator is engineered and designed to allow the Technician an effective way to isolate TCD noise to either the Oven or the Electronics. The troubleshooting process can be done without

powering the unit down and completed in a matter of a few minutes.

After the Model 1421-SM2 TCD Simulator is installed, the Technician simply performs a “Manual Balance” on the Siemens TCD (UL1, LL1, UC1, LC1, UR1, LR1) the simulator has been installed on. Once this has been done, the simulated detector signal as seen on the Siemens Maxum® HMI will read 20-30 counts.

When the Technician reviews the detector signal on Maxum® HMI, they should observe a flat, clean signal line. If so, then the noise issue is elated to a problem other than the electronics If the noise remains, then the Technician knows the issue is related to the electronics.

Model 1421 TCD Simulator
Model 1421 TCD Simulator Installed