Sparger Sample System

The Smith Analytical Sparger System provides the following benefits:
  • Stainless Steel Sparger Vessel’s
  • Sapphire Viewing Window in order to View the Gas Dispersion Tube
  • Custom Engineered Long-Life Gas Dispersion Tube (6 Month Life Span Typical)
  • Engineered Sample System to Prevent or Reduce Particulate Matter which would otherwise enter the Sparger System Hardware and create a fouling condition
  • Pressure Controlled Cooling Water Sample (6 PSIG)
  • Flow Meter for Sparger Gas (500 cc/min of Treated Air or N2 or Helium)
  • In field-testing – Smith Analytical has demonstrated this system can operate on cooling tower water with no filter on a cooling water stream and will maintain a constant flow rate of 125cc/minute (±1cc) for a period of seven days without adjustment.
  • From the same field test, Smith Analytical was able to demonstrate that the Sparger.
  • Gas Dispersion Tube will operate in excess of six months without fouling.
  • The Dispersion Tube is the only expendable part used in the Smith Analytical Sparger design.
  • Sparger fouling in the field-testing has not proven to be a problem.
  • Since the system is made of Stainless Steel, light cannot enter the vessel so algae growth is reduced or eliminated.
  • The Smith Analytical Sparger System comes in a Single or Multi-Sparger System design depending upon you applications' requirements.

The Smith Analytical Sparger requires less maintenance and will result in a lower long-term cost of ownership. More importantly, the Sparger Sample System will operate without operator intervention for periods exceeding 7 days.

Analytical Sparger Sample System