Smith Analytical is pleased to offer our Clients a variety of process analyzer training programs. Our Instructors have decades of experience with analytical projects, process analyzers and more importantly, they have over thirty years of adult instruction experience in both acdemic and Client settings. As an Adjunt Professor at San Jacinto College, the founder of Smith Analytical was a member of the steering committe which developed the Analyzer Technician Opportunities Project (ATOP). The Practical Skills Gas Chromatograph (GC) Training Program we offer places students on PC based GC simulators in order for us to effectively provide instruction in GC calibratoon, method development, backflush, heartcut and backflush-heartcut application set-up. This is just one example of the dynamic and innovatitive training Smith Analytical offers.

Analyzer technicians are highly skilled technologists that install, calibrate and maintain some of the most sophisticated instrumentation in the world. Analyzers are used in all types of refining, petrochemical and manufacturing industries, and are valuable for the control of processes and environmental compliance. Most analyzer technicians start out as instrumentation technicians who, because of their aptitude and attitude, have moved to a higher level of technology. The analyzer training programs offered by Smith Analytical, LLC are designed to provide the highest level of insight into the subject matter being presented.

Why Use Smith Analytical, LLC For Your Process Analyzer Training Needs?

Smith Analytical, LLC was founded for the sole purpose of providing value added products and services to the hydrocarbon processing industry. During the past thirty-eight years, the staff of Smith Analytical, LLC has conducted hundreds of training programs covering analytical instrumentation in the US, Far East, Middle East, Canada, China, Europe and Africa.

The Instruction Staff at Smith Analytical, LLC has years of hands-on, practical experience with all aspects of analytical instrumentation. Unlike Instructors that other organizations may employ, our training staff is regularly involved in all aspects analytical technology, to ensure that we can convey in a practical manner, the information our Student / Client needs to know. All Instructors have 10+ years of engineering, project, or field experience and are considered industry experts in their field of study.

Where Will The Class Be Held?

Training programs can either be conducted at the offices of Smith Analytical, LLC located at 5318 FM 517 West, Alvin, Texas or at your plant site.
If you are looking to get Hands On Process Analyzer Experience, please inquire about our Intern training program.