Emissions Master

For many analyzer installations, the need to mitigate hydrocarbon fugitive emissions at the location the analytical equipment has been installed can be a changing issue due to no plant flare or thermal oxidizer connection being available or due to other environmental concerns. To eliminate all hydrocarbon emissions after passing through the sample system or after the
measurement has been made, the patent pending Smith Analytical Emissions Master Pro (EMP) or Emissions Master Simple (EMS) is now available. The Emissions Master is designed to handle up to:

1.   6.7 LPM of pure Methane gas.
      The BTU throughput of the Emissions Master is 14,356 BTU/HR at these conditioning.
2.   7.9 LPM of Mixed gas.
      The BTU throughput of the Emissions Master is 14,232 BTU/HR at these conditioning.
3.   2.64 LPM of pure Propane gas.
      The BTU throughput of the Emissions Master is 14,403 BTU/HR at these conditioning.
4.   Minimum gas supply pressure 0.397 psig. 

Emissions Master Specifications

  1. All electrical hardware is rated for Class 1, Division 2, Group B/C/D T3A
  2. All emissions destruction hardware located inside a 12”H x 12”W x 8”D Appleton
    Division 1. Additional electrical hardware is located in a Killark Division 1 enclosure.
    The control hardware for the EMP or EMS is located in a NEMA 4X stainless steel
  3. 110VAC-20 amp power required.
  4. Regulated Instrument or plant air supply. Maximum air flow consumption is based on
    sample being sent to the Emissions Master:
    a. Methane stream – Air consumption 67 LPM (2.3 SCFM)
    b. Mixed gas stream – Air consumption 79 LPM (2.8 SCFM)
    c. Propane gas stream – Air consumption 26 LPM (0.93 SCFM)
  5. If instrument or plant air is not available, the EMP or EMS can be supplied with an
    optional area rated ADI air pump capable of delivering up to 80 LPM (2.82 SCFM) of
    air to ensure proper of the Emissions Master. This will require an additional 110VAC
  6. The EMP is equipped with an area rated PLC controller. The Emissions Master Simple
    is equipped with an area rated temperature controller.
  7. For EMP units outfitted with the additional catalytic converter, the inlet and outlet
    oxygen readings are observed continually to ensure the converter is working properly.
    The converter is typically only required when the emissions to be eliminate contain very
    low concentrations of hydrocarbons in a background of non-combustible material (N2).

For additional information on the Emissions Master product series,
please contact your Account Manager or email sales@smithanalytical.com.